DD2 will be 3 in August and starts preschool 8/26. I am starting to panic about being ready to handle herself with no diapers. My others I let them lead and both trained a bit after 3 and forcing it feels weird but is a necessity.

She is SUPER strong willed and every time we’ve tried it’s been a battle - and I back down because she’s a holder (waits until her bladder literally overflows if we force it and take away diapers) so it gets out of hand quickly.

We have her constipation issues in hand (but that may contribute to it being difficult - she’s had GI issues for a year) and I know she can nearly go on command as my current approach has been to work on having her go in her diaper when asked on a regular schedule. She can actually wear panties for hours no problem if her bladder isn’t overly full. So the big problem is getting her to relax and go sitting down.

We’ve tried a variety of incentives (food treats, shopkins which she loves, big sibling encouragement) and nothing holds much sway. She’s been on the potty for hours multiple times, lots of water, gone pantsless for days. you name it, but she can hold almost forever if she wants to. Even water play doesn’t seem to work.

I just don’t know how we 1) get her going sitting down on any sort of potty and then 2) get her comfortable going away from home, handling her pants up and down, etc. She’s supposed to go AM only two days and one longer day and I have seriously contemplated the worst case of just hoping she can hold it while she’s there!

Any one else fight this battle of wills on a timeline? What did you do??