We haven't gone on any big vacations so I'm a little rusty in figuring out if this is at least a fair/acceptable price or not.

Planning to go away for 2 nights 12/26-12/28, so I already know I'm not really getting any good deals, if anything most places I've been looking at are hiked way up!

This is for Hershey, PA! So it's more or less $600 for 2 nights for 2 adults and 2 children (5 &3). Includes admission to their small indoor water park, admission to 2 places (just not the main Hershey park). I foresee spending roughly another $200 on meals & other activities that require tickets.

I know there are way better deals but given the dates constraint (now that DD1 is in public school we are really stuck traveling during school breaks), this at least is better than some places that are charging over 1K for 2 nights.

So would you go for this? Or is it way too overpriced and I should keep looking?