My 8 year old has fine hair that is also wavy. For school I always put the front in clips or braids to keep it out of her face, but at home she’s been wearing it down (because who cares?) but I feel like it needs help. It’s just the top/roots that are so flat and limp. She washes her own hair now and I’m not sure she gets all the shampoo out - we are working on that. She conditions only from about ears down to deal with tangles and waves. She is very anti washing every day and usually air dries.

Any advice? Can fine hair look good if you aren’t blow drying daily? Products that might help? Since she likes it down I’d like to figure it out but maybe it’ll be when she’s older and more willing to “do” her hair. My hair isn’t this fine ... maybe it was at that age but I always had an 80s/90s perm and blowout!