I just had a job interview yesterday, and I'm totally kicking myself and rethinking a bunch of my answers to questions. That happens to me after every interview, but I feel like especially this time. As much as you can prepare ahead of time, you're still thinking on your feet in the moment, and it's so easy to come up with better answers when you've had more time to process the question. That's normal, right? I'm also a total perfectionist at work, so I hate that people might come away with an impression of me that isn't my very best work.
DD has been sick this week, so I was also on day 4 of not a ton of sleep. I wish I could email the interviewer and say, I feel like I wasn't as thorough with my answers as I could have been, but I was really sleep-deprived. That would be super unprofessional, and I know I can't do it. I can't, right??