My DH has agreed to cloth diaper!! SO excited and a bit overwhelmed by all of the decisions. I have a few questions...

-when did you switch to cloth? Did you use right off the hop? (I am thinking to make the switch after mec poops are done with)
-did you start out with something like the AppleCheeks starter kit or just do a full stash? (worried about fit - as of the moment I'm thinking of having a combination of AppleCheeks & BumGenius)
-do you use a storage sac/wet bag or cloth diaper pail?
-what do you recommend for stain and/or odor eliminator?
-detergent recommendation?
-do you think a sprayer is necessary? Liners?
-any tips and tricks for washing?

Did anyone receive a lot negative comments about cloth diapering? Judging by the few people I have told so far it's coming off negative/unsupportive. Someone even laughed and said I was crazy!

*I have read numerous posts from our bloggers, which are extremely helpful but thought I would ask all you Mama's too!*