Yesterday my LO had his two month vaccines, including the rotavirus vaccine. He was terribly fussy all night with some screaming that we couldn't seem to relieve in the evening. He finally calmed down after some Tylenol and a nap on me. Last night he had several crying jags overnight with some big spit ups, and this morning he had a huge diarrhea with blood in his stool. He's never had that before. He was a very gassy baby as a newborn and we were worried about MS PI, especially after a few mucousy diapers, and a rash on his face and chest, but all seems to have cleared without me eliminating dairy. ( I did for two weeks and it didn't seem to do much, so I've been back on dairy for a while) i've left a message for the doctor office, but I've read online that a stomach upset could be a reaction to the rotavirus vaccine, and was wondering if anyone else had something similar.