DH and I are trying to make a decision about which minivan to buy. Today we visited Kia & Honda.

The guy that approached us at Kia was AWFUL. He knew nothing about the vehicles. Made generally annoying comments. Told us he was desperate to make a sale but didn't listen to what we wanted. Then he got frustrated and accused us of being secret shoppers. He said we had to tell him if we were (because calling us out would be a path to getting a good review?). Dude, we're dragging a 4 month old around in the heat. We're not doing this to kill time or for fun. DH and I decided we couldn't buy a car from this guy. The guy asked DH for his number, DH said he'd take the guy's card but wouldn't give our number. The guy blew up and called that offensive and like a death. So now instead of just not wanting to buy from this guy I also want to call his boss and tell him how off putting he was.

The guy at Honda was a much better salesman but he could not understand why I wouldn't take a test drive with DS in the Ergo. "Surely you could sit in the passenger seat for the short test drive." SMH.

Are there tricks to getting good sales associates? I hate they way they claim you when you walk on the lot.