We'll be first time parents and a lot of this cloth diapering information can get overwhelming. I also don't want to overwhelm DH (who reluctantly agreed to trying cloth diapering to begin with).

What we are looking for:
- all in one diapers
- one size diapers
- snaps

Factors to consider:
- we will be using disposables for the newborn age until baby fits the one-size
- looking for cloths diapers that are "less hassle" for DH and myself
- plan on washing every other day (so is a stash of 24 enough?)
- plan on using cloth wipes (likely GroVia brand or just regular face cloths)

Can you guys recommend a brand that encompasses this? I don't want to go out and buy "assorted" collections of cloth diapers. I'd like to find one, maybe two brands, and stick with it. I hear BumGenius Freetime and GroVia AIOs are good (are these one-size though?)