Dh and I have decided to find a new home for our 3 year old lab. I'm heartbroken, but I think it's best for him. I used to run 5-6 days a week and had time in my schedule to frequent the dog park. Between injury and a second child, I'm not running for the foreseeable future. It's not about baby no 2, but it was a very rough pregnancy and recovery and it's going to take a while to run again. Running with me was his main exercise. Both my and dh's schedules have changed also, and I no longer have time before work to take our dog to the dog park. And now at least three days a week he's home alone for 10+ hours due to dh's work schedule. This wasn't a change we expected.
We love him and he is well taken care of, but I know he wants and needs more exercise and attention. He is a very social and high energy dog.

Ds usually is pretty indifferent to him. Sometimes he's really lovey and gives him treats and hugs, and other times he says he's a bad dog and wants him to get away.

How do I approach this with ds? I think he will be sad but not devastated. He just really doesn't seem that bonded with him. If he was I Think we'd work harder to try to change things, though I'm not sure how.

How much do we involve him in the process? Any advice is appreciated.