Writing here to get some insight--you guys always have the best perspectives! (seriously. Most of my best parenting/life advice has come from here!)

My high school best friend's uncle just called me. He is an attorney and looking for a legal assistant. His practice is located about 6 hours away from me, so this would be a remote position. He is aware I have 4 young children and sounds like he would be very flexible with hours worked, with the expectation that as my kids get older and in school I would increase my work load.

I did not apply for this position, nor am I even looking for work...his sister (my best friend's mom, who I am still acquainted with) recommended me as someone who is bright and would be a good fit (which is so flattering!) I have been a SAHM since our oldest was born 7 years ago. We don't *need* the money, but obviously extra cash is always nice! I also have zero legal background (I have a BS in psychology and a BS microbiology and worked as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist previous to having kids) but have always found it interesting.

I guess I don't even know what I am asking What are the downsides here? Has anyone been in a similar position? I am mostly worried about being strung pretty thin. Our kids have never had any outside childcare (and it's ridiculously expensive here), but my parents are close and would be able to help whenever I needed it.

What sort of questions should I be clarifying with him, besides how many hours I would be working a week? How do I negotiate salary? What other logistics do I need to be thinking about?