Does anyone experience what I am experiencing - that I am a lot less enthusiastic in my work after the baby?

LO is 18 months now so logically, everything should be settled back to normal. However, now I find myself a lot less enthusiastic in what I do professionally. I dreamed of doing what I do now many years ago (I am a broadcast motion graphics designer), so it is not like I count coins for a living.

There are times like this, when I am under extreme stress and does not perform the way I did, I secretly wish I were a SAHM. However, I am sure I would go crazy if I become one.

In fact, I am secretly hoping / counting the days to my retirement (secretly hoping to grow old! pathetic isn't it), but people don't retire anymore do they..?

How about you? Did you lose passion on what you do, considering you used to LOVE your job? If you did and it came back to you, can anyone please give me an idea of the time frame it will happen?