LO has been sleeping in the Rock 'N Play which we used for reflux. He's now 15 weeks and I know we're creeping up to the point where he's going to be too big and needs to sleep in the crib. He's had a couple very short naps in the crib before and spends some time in there but has yet to really sleep well in it. I just tried putting him down for a nap in the crib and he freeeeaked out. He looked terrified and I could tell he was startled from not having that coziness around him, like he felt like he was falling I persisted for about 30 mins with lots of screaming and crying and then finally gave up and put him in the RNP because he was way overtired at that point and just needed to sleep. Argh!

For those who've successfully made the transition, how did you do it? Any special tricks, or just kept trying? And how old was LO when you did it? I knew this was a possibility but now I just wish he could sleep in that darn thing forever.