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  1. catlady

    grapefruit / 4988 posts

    @Goldengirl: Yeah, the Snuggle Me has the same issue. They say (for liability reasons) not to use it in a crib or bassinet. Technically it is made for co-sleeping and we tried to use it in our bed at first, but we only have a queen and there wasn't enough room for all of us with the Snuggle Me in the middle. I have a Halo bassinet set up literally right next to my side of the bed and I honestly don't see much difference between having DS in the Snuggle Me in there vs next to me in bed. I also put a Snuza monitor on him while he's in there. But obviously it is not a perfect solution. I go back and forth between wanting to keep him in there (because he sleeps so well in it) vs just sucking it up and putting him out in the bassinet without it. He started daycare this week and they only allow them to sleep flat in cribs so I may just wait a week or two and let daycare get him used to a flat surface and then take him out of the Snuggle Me at that point. Either way, at least he has gotten used to not sleeping at an incline.

  2. Goldengirl

    kiwi / 566 posts

    @catlady: how's his reflux with sleeping flat? I'm so nervous about that and having him barf or be uncomfortable.

  3. catlady

    grapefruit / 4988 posts

    @Goldengirl: He's been fine so far. He's on zantac and it definitely makes a difference, but I've also noticed he's had fewer issues as he's gotten older (he was diagnosed at 2 weeks). I also try hard not to feed him too much in one sitting and that helps too.

  4. Mrs. Carrot

    blogger / nectarine / 2023 posts

    @Goldengirl: You got some great advice already but just to chime in, I transitioned my daughter at around 14-15 weeks because I was afraid she'd freak out in a crib at daycare, so we started a few weeks before she was starting daycare. She was also a reflux baby, so we did a couple things:

    1) Sleep sack. She was completely impervious to swaddles and busted out of them immediately so we did a sleep sack over footie PJs in a cool room to replicate the warmth of the RNP.

    2) Slight elevation. I put a thin pillow under the mattress. It gave it just enough lift to give her an incline but not so much that she was sliding.

    3) The infamous U. I was actually more worried about her sliding with the lift of the pillow than the coziness of the RNP, so I took a knit blanket, rolled it up and put it under the sheet. It seemed to keep her contained comfortably until she started to roll around.

    She seemed to do OK with the transition, so I would just say give it time and if you can avoid backsliding, that would help too. Give him comfort if he's restless, but if you can avoid going back to the RNP, it might get him used to it faster. And that said, it might be worth giving him more time in the RNP as well, different kids transition differently.

    And FWIW, I noticed that my kid began growing out of reflux around the 4 month mark. She was fine sleeping and we discontinued meds. She spit up until she was nearly a year old, but it didn't bother her. As her system matured and she got bigger (she was a 36W premie), her system stabilized. Hang in there, it gets better!

  5. Goldengirl

    kiwi / 566 posts

    @Mrs. Carrot: thanks, that's all really encouraging! I definitely did backslide because he's suddenly hit the 4 month regression hard and I've been scared for him/me to get less sleep. But I know I have to do it, I'm just chicken.. and haven't gotten around to making the nest!! He's on Prevacid but I'm finding it's suddenly getting bad again with the spitting up.. although not necessarily that he's in pain, just huge spitups all of a sudden again! I read that reflux peaks at 4 months so maybe that's why.

  6. Goldengirl

    kiwi / 566 posts

    Woo, LO slept in his crib last night! I made a little U nest under the sheets which really seemed to help. However he still slid his bum right over the bottom and at one point we found him below it, with his head up at the bottom of the U... so I'm not sure if there's anything to stop that from happening, or if it's a good thing for him to learn to move around. He did have a few wakings, but we didn't put him back in the RNP all night so I'm calling it a win!

  7. Mrs. Carrot

    blogger / nectarine / 2023 posts

    @Goldengirl: My daughter slid around all over the place, I think it's totally fine, just keep an eye out that if the U is high, their face doesn't get obstructed. Definitely a win that you didn't have to go back to RNP!

  8. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    @Goldengirl: did you roll up a blanket across the mattress? So the U rests on it? Followed Mrs Blues post and we haven't had a sliding issue and we are using a crib wedge.

  9. Goldengirl

    kiwi / 566 posts

    @Smurfette: I didn't do that actually... I guess that would work if I make it really thick? The issues isn't that the U is sliding down, it's that when he kicks and wiggles, he can easily push himself down over the bottom of the U, since it's not super thick.

    @Mrs. Carrot: I got nervous about his face last night! But it feels pretty safe, it's just kind of a small indent in the crib, not a crazy amount of cushioning. How long did you keep the nest in the crib? Part of me thinks it might be good if he's moving around so he'll get more used to it, even though it's scary for him at first.

  10. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    @Goldengirl: well he can't go over the U right?

  11. Mrs. Carrot

    blogger / nectarine / 2023 posts

    @Goldengirl: I think we took ours out after a few weeks. I was mostly concerned about her being elevated due to reflux and her sliding, but she seemed fine with the sliding (other than turning herself around) so eventually we took down the incline and took out the U and just let her roam.

  12. Goldengirl

    kiwi / 566 posts

    @Smurfette: yes, that's what he was doing! kicking his way down. I tried adding another towel so I'll see if that makes a difference.
    @Mrs. Carrot: Thanks!


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