DS had his 2 month visit and received all the shots as well as the oral rotavirus vaccine. The next day he started showing specks of blood in his poop. I called the doctor right away and also read online about it. I found a thread on babycenter where many moms had the same thing but they were all told it was caused by a milk allergy. the nurse in my doctors office told me the same thing about a milk allergy since I am breastfeeding but that makes no sense. the oral vaccine has clearly irritated his gut. I was also worried it could be intussuception (sp?) but he doesnt look like he is in pain so they dont believe its that. Right now they are telling me to call the next time he poops if there is still specks of blood. I'm so annoyed at how they quickly blame a milk allergy and dont want to entertain the idea that the vaccine caused it. Has anyone experienced something similar?