DS is 2.5 and normallybsleeps fine but he was up half the night refusing to sleep. I finally gave up around 5 am and took him to the living room to watch TV.

I fell asleep in the couch. He kept throwing toys on me, jumping on me, but i couldn’t fully wake up, i was so exhausted. When i did wake up i saw that he found the markers and colored the table, the floor, and himself.

I got DH up and he was supposed to be watching him while I showered (5 mins). When i came out of the shower, the kid had ripped open his advent calendar to get more chocolate and dropped his pants to pee on the floor. DH wasn’t watching because DS has wandered out of the room.

Well, apparently the biggest mistake I made was telling my mom about these antics. Now she’s threatening to return his Christmas present and saying my son needs a psychologist. I’m so sick of her overreacting to everything. Thank god it’s almosg nap time.