So this is understandably a sensitive topic for many people out there I assume so my apologies to anyone who is appalled!

We adopted two guinea pigs for my daughter’s birthday 1.5 years ago. It’s become very clear in that time that she can’t actually take care of them which we should have known ahead of time. She can’t clean the cage because it’s so messy, and it makes a big mess when she feeds them their pellets and straw. It makes a massive mess when they play with them—shavings everywhere etc. So it is up to me to care for them—whilst working full time and now being 32 weeks pregnant.

Again, we should have had the foresight to realize guinea pigs were going to be messy pets that a child under 8 can’t take care of on their own. I always had cats growing up so didn’t realize the investment that goes into taking care of an indoor caged animal (I swear chickens are easier).

My husband has been begging me to get rid of the guinea pigs for months. With another baby on the way I am considering it for the first time. Again I know this must sound horrible to some, but I am also sure there must be a family out there who could take much better care of them. We have talked to our girls multiple times about the need to take more responsibility and better care of them so while they would be sad it wouldn’t come as a complete shock. They go through phases of playing with them a lot and then basically not at all. My parents are also likely getting another dog soon so that would overshadow it all.

I would love to hear thoughts, opinions, and insights. Has anyone had to say goodbye to a pet because they couldn’t care for them the way they should be cared for, or because it was too overwhelming? We would be sure to go through the proper channels to make sure the guinea pigs found a safe home.