I'm not sure how to react about something that happened at DS's school this week. The school threw an end-of-year carnival, and there was an incident with one of the inflatable games.. As far as I can tell, too many kids got on, and then it collapsed. Thankfully everyone was pulled out quickly, and I don't know of anyone going to the hospital, but quite a few kids had really bad bruising. I know stuff happens, but if it was like DS says and more kids were allowed to get on than the ride can handle, the school.and carnival staff goofed big time. It could have ended much worse, and I'm really really hoping no one was hurt badly enough to have lasting problems.

For context, this is the second time this year the school is doing something kind of unsafe and not showing great judgment. Last month they had a student performance and invited the entire school. Everyone showed up with parents, grandparents, siblings. It was beyond overcrowded. IMO, if one person had panicked and started shoving others to get out, there would have been a stampede. Again, they meant well, and the students and teachers put so much effort into the event, but the result was kind of awful. Afterwards there was an apology letter from the principal saying they didn't expect the turnout and will plan better next year.

The principal is kind of new. She's amazing, overall. I don't want to go in guns blazing, being all accusatory. They were doing something that was supposed to be fun for the kids, and I don't even 100% know the carnival thing was preventable. Or that the school staff knew the ride limits - that's probably on the ride attendants... But I also don't feel right saying nothing... I'd like some kind of assurance that when the kids go to school, they won't be put in harm's way.

So, if I do say something, what do I say? "You're the adult, please use common sense and don't plan unsafe things?" I mean, I just don't know what we should be afraid of next since apparently school.events and parties can be safety hazards. And I want to be nice about it but at the same time this kind of seems like a big deal...