Hi mamas! Just looking for some advice.

T is 2 and has been in early intervention since 11 months for a gross motor delay. At 11 months he could only sit up if you placed him in a sitting position. No movement, crawling, scooting, or even sitting up by himself.

We've had a lot of success with early intervention and he's now walking and almost running successfully in day to day life at 2. But we never had an actual physical therapist in EI, just a provider who kind of does it all. So there's still a gap between him and his peers. He's very unstable and still has that baby gait when he walks. Stepping up or down on even small steps or uneven surfaces is hard for him. He's in a baby gymnastics class and is about equal in gross motor to another little girl there who is 18 months. At his latest evaluation he graded at 18 months so that makes sense.

They've now switched his focus in EI from physical to speech/cognitive since we met his goal of walking. He really doesn't need much speech therapy as he's only slightly delayed, and I see him catching up very quickly every day.

I was thinking of maybe seeking out a private physical therapist (we don't have access to a PT in his early intervention program right now. I asked ) to help close that gap he still has. Regardless, he's doing great. In a year's time he's more or less on par with his peers when he was significantly behind to start with.

His gymnastics class will help a lot (and has) in the long run which makes me hesitant to add a PT session to our schedule on top of weekly EI visits and gymnastics class...but I feel like a qualified pediatric PT would be great to help develop his muscles a little more. His overall muscle tone is still kind of low.

What would you do? Actual physical therapy would be great for him, but I just don't know if having so many things in a week would be overwhelming for him.

Sorry if this is really rambly. I keep going back and adding things I forgot and putting them in random places. Haha