Alternate title: Am I torturing my toddler?

I enrolled my 19 month old in a one morning a week mom's morning out program at my older son's preschool. I SAH and he's definitely clingy and a mama's boy. When I leave him with his dad or his grandparents he usually cries when I leave for a few minutes then gets distracted and goes back to playing. Well the past two weeks at the morning out program have been ROUGH. I try to leave pretty quickly because I didn't think lingering would help. I give him a hug and a kiss and try to give him a toy and then say bye. Both weeks he's cried almost the entire time (3 hours). Last week he was better during music time and snack time but this week he kept trying to open widows to get to me, he won't let anyone pick him up or touch him to comfort him, and he would sometimes start to play with something for a minute or two but then go back to crying. When I got there to pick him up he was just standing under a window crying.

I have no idea what to do to help him. His biggest comforting object is his pacifier, which he had this week. When he's really upset at home he never wants a lovey or a blanket, usually I just hold him or give him a pacifier until he calms down. Or I distract him with TV. I also have a 2 month old so it's hard to give him the attention he wants. I've been so upset and guilt-ridden since I picked him up today. Normally I would say kids need time to adjust but he's only 19 months old so maybe he just isn't ready for this? I am also really sad for myself because I really wanted this one morning a week to myself (and my newborn). The transition to three kids has been harder on me than having the other two and this one morning "off" was supposed to be my breath of fresh air. I know if he doesn't calm down or if we can't work through it then they are going to suggest I pull him out...which I totally understand. I am sure he's ruining the experience for the teachers and other kids in the class. Any suggestions????