I just emailed X's pediatrician the same question, but I just realized you would all be a great resource, too, so I thought I'd put the question here, too.

I'm going to be out of the country for 2 weeks this summer. While I know X is, like most kids, incredibly resilient and will bounce back, I'm also concerned about how hard this will be on him. I'm his primary caregiver, and in the 2 months before I leave, I'll be with him almost 24/7-- which I'm afraid may make it harder than if I was leaving him with others from time to time since he'll be so used to me being around.

Do any of you have any tips for how I can make this go smoother for X and for his grandmas and aunties who will be taking care of him? I'm worried about while I'm away, and also re-adjusting when I get home. He will be 20 months old at that point.