My son is 20 months old (almost 21 months old). He has a babysitter he sees daily while I work. We have followed many attachment parenting things such as co-bedding, extended breastfeeding, and baby wearing. It has worked wonderfully as my child is extremely attached me (even though I work full time).

So, our problem is that he is extremely anxious when we leave him. He has no problem going to daycare but we started preschool in October and he STILL cries every time we leave. Today he cried as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. I don't think there is anything wrong with preschool. They aren't hurting him and I know they are treating him well.

We have started taking him to the daycare at the gym. He won't stop crying for 30 minutes with them.

Please give me suggestions to help him. What can we do to make him feel safer in these places?