I was reading the other charting post and realized I'm not the only one who is just completely confused by their chart. I've read up on how your body is supposed to act and how your chart should look each month. My chart has never looked the way it "should" look each month. It's probably because I have a hard time waking up at the time I wake up on the weekdays - 5:20am on weekends. This month I was traveling for work and forgot my bbt, so I ended up having to buy a new one, which really threw my temps out of whack. This one shows my temps much lower than my one at home.

Anyways, here's my chart. Anyone else want to post theirs?
My Ovulation Chart

I was able to get that link by going to my chart in fertilityfriend.com, clicking on the share button under the chart (in the section of 8 different options) and then copying and pasting the HTML code into this post.