Does anyone else get this question? -> “Should I have kids?”

How do you answer?

A few friends and co-workers have asked me this fairly recently. I’m like um… that’s up to you! I think they want more but I really have nothing to say. I’m not even sure why they asked me. It seems like such a personal choice! For me it was a calling /feeling and not everyone has that same feeling.

I did some googling though to see if there was any helpful advice and I can’t seem to find anything that I would want to say. I did see an interesting one that said… if you can pretend that your child will grow up to challenge all the things you hold dear (faith, politics, anything) and still love and support them (you can still argue and disagree), you will be a great parent so you should have kids. Again it was interesting but I’m not sure if I would ever tell someone that!

Anyways what would you say if someone asked you this question?