We currently do not have a mobile or anything exciting on the wall right by my son's crib. He is 2 months old. I am able to put him down drowsy but awake for naps and bedtime with no problems right now.

That said, he has started waking up for the day at like 4AM lately. He is WIDE awake and noisy but not crying or hungry or interested in his pacifier... it honestly seems like he is just awake and bored. Would this be a time that he might like to look at a mobile and entertain himself (and let me SLEEP a little longer)?

Do you consider a mobile useful or not? What situations does it help you with? Do you think it might be helpful for ours?

[sidenote, I am totally speculating on his 4AM boredom and this might just be a random phase. still curious if there will come a time that I need one...]