TLDR version: DS is 4mo old and 90th percentile. We plan on doing "controlled crying" (Ferber) or "limited crying" (The Baby Sleep Solution) soon to manage his night feeds. I don't believe he really needs to eat more than once a night, if at all (more detail below) and I am so tired.

In 3 weeks, we are taking a 2wk trip to 2 timezones away. We all be sharing a room with adjoining walls to my ILs and then my parents. I know I will be stressed out if his crying wakes up my parents or my ILs, and I don't want to feel like a sleep-deprived zombie during the once-a-year trip of seeing friends and family. So, I want to sleep train before the trip.

On the other hand, this trip might cancel out any sleep training we do, via timezones and new setting and disrupted routines. Then we'd have to sleep train all over again afterwards.

So, would you sleep train before, or after the trip?
More details, skip if you want, I know it's long:
LO was down to usually 1, sometimes 2, night feeds at 2mo. He would sleep 7pm-5:30am, feeding at 1am and 4am OR 3am. So his first stretch of sleep would be 6-8 hours and the feeds would last 20-25min.

It gloriously stayed like that until the 4mo sleep regression hit. Since then he's been waking up every 1-2 hours which is only solved by 5-10min nursing. It's been 4 or 5 weeks of this...

I thought feeding might be an issue, so we upped his breastmilk bottles to 6oz (which he readily drinks) & dipped into my frozen stash. I also try to get him to feed longer at night but both he & I are so tired.

We gradually dropped the swaddle because he began rolling. He does it rarely, but enough to make me nervous. Unswaddling seemed to not affect his sleep at all.

He used to sleep in the RnP but he's nearing the weight limits and we need to use a PnP on our trip in 3 weeks. So we have been doing that transition, too.