Hi all! I feel like since I’ve had kids, I’ve really dropped my game on updating my clothes and shoes. My loungewear game is strong though

As such, my athletic shoes are basically dead and not comfortable any longer. Any recs on athletic shoes mainly used for walking/jogging and some low key hikes? I’m okay with spending more on a great shoe that can handle some wear and tear.

Same Q, but direct toward flats. I tend to wear pointy toe flats to work (I’ve given up on heels these days but I want to look polished.) Any recs on work (and “going out”) appropriate flats that can handle wear and tear and still provide decent foot and arch support? I love my All Birds but they are too casual for work, and I love my Rothys but if I walk too much in those, my lower back gets sore, likely from lack of support. Also okay to spend a bit more on nicer, long lasting shoes but wouldn’t mind a “cheap” option to consider as well.