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Showing off our nursery

  1. Astro Bee

    pear / 1503 posts

    @Loki: great! Can't wait to see your nursery, too. I really need to start on that soon.

  2. BabyPenguinXO

    kiwi / 549 posts

    Omg its beautiful!!!

  3. loki

    pear / 1787 posts

    @Meowkers: ok sorry to be so annoying haha but where did you get the crib sheet from? i have been trying desperately to find fun/colourful/pretty crib sheets and they're hard to come by!

    ETA: nevermind, realized it is land of nod

  4. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    @Meowkers: It looks awesome! Was it hard to paint ? We have the exact same dresser in black-brown and I definitely want to change the hardware but not sure I want to undertake painting, LOL. Where did you end up getting the hardware?

  5. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    Beautiful! I love those Land of Nod sheets! I want them so much but my daughters room is purple so it wont match well. Gorgeous space and what a chair!

  6. Meowkers

    persimmon / 1364 posts

    @LindsayInNY: thank you! The painting wasn't that bad but we started off with a white dresser which I think is easier than starting off with a dark one. With a dark one you would have to be very thorough when you prime it. We researched the best type of pain tot use for wood furniture painting and found one that was "self leveling" so it made it easier. The hardware was ordered online from Lee Valley.

    @Mrs. Chocolate: thank you. yes I'm totally obsessed with the sheets ( and the crib skirt.)

  7. WinterBee

    persimmon / 1071 posts

    Soooooo cute! I love the swans and the owl pillow and the crib skirt! Ruffles, so cute!

  8. ctegge0416

    cherry / 159 posts

    Where did you get that awesome chair?


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