Our 4 and 2 year old daughters are driving me batty. Separately, they are generally well behaved but as soon as they are together, it’s like they transform into pound puppies fighting for every toy or snack put near them. Even if I buy two of something, they somehow still end up fighting over it. Any suggestions on how to handle this to smooth over fights? When does this improve? I was hoping there would be improvement as the two year old’s verbal skills improved but she’s actually quite verbal already and they fight more than ever. They fight over touching each other, saying random (often not even real words!) things to each other, who sits where, who plays with what, etc. The 4 year old often takes things without asking and doesn’t want to share bc she claims the younger one will break something, which drives the 2 year old crazy, but then the 2 year old gets physical with either bopping the older the sister on the head or knocking over whatever game she’s playing. It’s to the point where they start to gripe at each other the minute they are up. We take toys away if they fight over them, we separate them if the fighting continues after talking to them, and occasional short time outs to cool down if things get too intense. They are very different personality types with the younger one being much more defiant and mischievous so it’s hard to find any way to jointly discipline them. I have to believe this will improve as they get older??? Will take any suggestions or hopeful experiences.