This afternoon I am flying out alone with DS and DD to visit my mom for a few days before DH joins us and we continue onto a family vacation for a week.

The ISSUE is that DD woke up this morning, got ready for school but then got sick. She was fine right after, actually asking to go to school, she drank some juice but ended up getting sick AGAIN. Needless to say she's home (I'm working 1/2 day prior to leaving) and DH says she's acting fine in between getting sick. No fever. But she's thrown up a total of 3 times thus far.

As of right now I am planning to go. I'll bring bags (ugh) in case she needs them and she can tell me with enough time so we are ok on that front... but I am second guessing.... should we cancel?

If we cancel we lose our money for these flights PLUS we'd have to buy new flights for this weekend. And if I cancel we miss seeing my mom.