I absolutely love my in-laws and really feel I am blessed to have joined this amazing family. However, there is one downside. My incredible, smart, beautiful, kind, generous SIL is dating an absolute loser. Really a jerk. He is not nice to her, he refuses to do anything with the family (showed up at Easter for less than 10 minutes, didn't go to her birthday dinner, etc). When she wanted to put up Christmas lights/decorations he said he wasn't interested so if she wanted to she'd have to do it herself (which she did). When she wanted to paint the house to help it sell faster he said he didn't think it needed to be repainted so if she wanted to do it she'd have to do it herself (which she did). And not to sound shallow but he is also not attractive and also doesn't make much money (she helps support him). Really, i just don't know what the positives are that are drawing her to this relationship. I even asked her that once and her answer was that "she's comfortable with him" which i think is a terrible answer. It's like she's staying with him because it's easier than breaking up with him.

My MIL is "too nice" to have a frank discussion with her (she's tried a couple times, but SIL always cries and it goes no where). My DH has tried too, but never seriously enough. My FIL has also tried as have I. Each time she just cries and shuts down the conversation and never takes any action.

NOW, he's wanting to refinance the house and put her name on it. She was asking my DH for some tax documents to help do so and he is resisting and asking questions and she doesn't even realize that means she's liable for the loan, she only thinks it means the house is partially hers, not the loan too, so DH is trying to explain it all to her.

I don't know where to go from here. I'm really worried he's taking advantage of her and she's not happy but it's easier than breaking up and being single in her mind.

Any advice?! My heart hurts today just thinking about it