So I admit that I am not good at female friendships. Never have been and I've commented before about this affliction... LOL.... I am blunt, honest and probably rude sometimes. I tell it how it is and that's that. I do not drink alcohol. In the past I've gotten along better with men then woman. I have had lots of girl friends and usually what ends up happening is that they move on and slowly cut me out... I end up being the one seeing them on fb doing things while I am at home.

I'm ok with this for the most part and it only occasionally hurts.

I find myself in a situation now and I am hurt and annoyed and my gut is telling me to just cut ties and forget it. But bc I suck at this stuff I thought I'd run it by some others.. lucky you's!!

Co worker, known each other for approx. 6 yrs. Had first kids within 6 mos of eachother and really bonded. Talked all the time, texted, went to first bday parties, met up to play a few times. I went through infertility and she was supportive and understood, her and her DH went through a rough patch and I was in turn there for her so much so as to even offer her a place to stay if she ended up needing/wanting it. We ended up pregnant with our second lo's and had same sex kids again. So for 5 years we are what I consider good friends... like probably my closest friend bc I see her daily.

Well the last year has changed. She started to run (ie marathons, 5k's etc) I don't.... however I kept up the friendship UNTIL I noticed that she wasn't coming to talk to me anymore and if I went to talk to her she was often talking to someone else ( a new co worker who came in last year or another co worker who runs). Every time I'd go try to talk to her she'd be with other people. Ok.. that's fine but she completely stopped talking to me. Then when her DD's bday came around she told the new co worker that she wasn't inviting us bc her DD only wanted school friends.. which is TOTALLY OK, but she never even mentioned it to me. Why would she tell this new, not so close friend but not me who's been friends for 5+ years and who's been to every one of your DD's parties?? This is when I really started to take note of the fact that she completely stopped talking to me. She'll talk to me if I go to her but she's making NO effort to seek me out.

I feel hurt and annoyed. I don't want to have to seek out a friend!! And I'm hurt that she's now talking more to the new girl than me when we have all of this close history.

Anyway the new girl said my friend has told her there is no issue and she thinks the issue is mine.. I said I'm over it and i'll just move on.....

Thoughts.. am I mishandling the situation? Am I being hurt bc of my history? Am I too quick to say I don't care, i'll move on? Should I broach the subject or just let it go........