I have 2 weeks left until my scheduled cs with lo2 and lately A has been waking up so frequently during the night. She will throw her paci and doll out of the crib and scream until we come in. All she wants is a quick rocking and to be put back down but this happens 5 times a night for the past week (not including the time she wakes bc she is actually hungry for a bottle).

When dh goes it to soothe her she screams and tries to jump out of his arms as if she is scared of him and will only calm down if she sees me.. last night I had to get up 6 times which is especially hard considering my serious need for sleep at this point.

Is this something she is going thru bc lo2 is coming and she knows something is about to change or do I need to re-sleep train? and why does she fear dh he was in tears over it last night..