DS is 6 and has never had a sleepover with anyone but his cousins.

Over the past couple months he has become really good buddies with a boy of the same age who lives two doors down. They mainly play outside in one of our yards and he has come in a couple times to play when it is rainy.

Today they were outside & I went to throw something in the outside garbage. DS asked if his friend could sleep over tonight. I was caught off guard. I asked them a couple questions like if they would sleep! and asked his friend if he’d had a sleepover before. I told them I didn’t think it would be a problem but I’d have to talk to DH when he got home and we’d have to talk to friends parents. Then the friend went to ask his parents but they told him not tonight, maybe another time.

So, what is the general protocol for having a friend sleep over? Should we as the parents be making arrangements? Should we wait until the kids ask? We don’t really know the parents but have lived next to each other for 5 years!

Thanks for reading my novel and helping me out v