I'm 24 weeks (tomorrow) and I am still struggling with fatigue. Until recently I only worked at home, but I now have to travel to client sites several times a week. Some hours are set by the client. Otherwise I would set my own hours, but this is a very busy month and in feeling overwhelmed. If I don't get a nap - and lately I don't - I am simply exhausted by the end if the day.

Today I was awoken at 7:30 am by the gas company doing construction outside my bedroom window. I had to leave my house at 11 for my first appointment and I didn't get home til 8 pm. That would be fine for non-pregnant me, but pregnant me is wiped out.

I also have DH to care for. I put off his nightly bathroom routine to lay on the couch because I am exhausted and having indigestion. Now were going to get to bed late.

This weekend I have to work both Saturday and Sunday - 6:45 am to 5 pm. By the time it's over I will have worked 8 days in a row. Ugh! Last weekend when I worked at 6:45 am, DH was a hot mess for 2 days because he had to get up so early.

Anyone have a good strategy on how to handle this fatigue and still get my job done? Do I have to start saying no at some point? That will be hard, because I work for a very small company and people are depending on me. Anyone want to commiserate?