So, I just found out I was pregnant not long ago, I'm about 5w5d. This is our first child. I do not plan to stay with my company after giving birth - I plan to be a SAHM.

However - I just got an interesting call. I've been doing "side projects" in a very elite part of my massive corporate company. It's a exclusive area that is hard to break into and pays much more than the rest of the company. I've been doing the side projects to help build relationships on the team and prove myself. I applied for a job in that group about 6 months ago and did not get it, but have continued working with the team. The manager, who i work with and travel with for the projects, just called me and asked me to go on a trip with her and her boss next week. She said there may be an opening on her team soon and she's been talking me up to her boss and he wants to "see me in action" so they want me on this trip. It's one of the projects I've been on anyway, so it makes sense for me to go.

My dilemma is I'm not sure if I should take the job if it is offered to me. I will be leaving the company in about 8 months and i don't want to "burn a bridge" by pissing them off and leaving early after taking a new roll. I also don't want to turn it down due to being pregnant because A) I haven't told anyone yet and hadn't planned on it until at least 12 weeks and B) depending on how our maternity leave is structured I may have to "intend" to come back after leave and give them 2 weeks notice DURING my leave instead of before, so i don't really want to "show my cards" that i don't intend to come back and C) it would be a GREAT job and I'd be paid more during the time I was there and i could build more relationships if i want to come back once the kid(s) are a bit older. Plus a huge resume builder.

Any advice? This is a great opportunity but i'm stumped!