I know there have been a lot of car posts lately but haven't seen any about this--looking for recommendations on what to test drive for a crossover/small SUV or station wagon. We're moving out of the city and having a second baby in August. Right now we have a beater '08 Civic which has been great, and we'll keep it as a second vehicle, but we really need a bigger/better family car that can comfortably fit two car seats. We have a Clek Fllo convertible and a Cybex Aton II bucket, which are both pretty compact.

What's on my radar right now is like a Subaru Outback or Honda CRV type of car, but would love to hear about it if you drive a car of that size/capacity and really love it. Would prefer a Japanese car and absolutely won't buy a GM or Volkswagen. I tried my brother's CRV recently and thought it was nice, but was bothered by a big blind spot on the driver's side, although he just told me all bigger cars have that and the visibility isn't as good once you're out of a compact sedan, which is all I've ever driven.

What do you have?

ETA! We plan to get a large dog that ideally could fit in the way back. I don't anticipate big road trips with dog plus tons of luggage, but a little room would be nice.