So I went to my doctors appointment this past Monday because 2 months off BC I had only been cramping and then spotting a few days later instead of getting a full on AF. The doctor told me to count the spotting as my period as it could take a while for the body to adjust after going off BC. I had spotting on the 24th and started counting my cycle based on that.

Well yesterday I had a little more spotting and today I had a lot! More like it would be right before I would get my period. I'm happy that I'm starting to bleed a little more normally but now I'm so confused as to where I am in my cycle! FF estimates my ovulation around the 9th. Also, my temps had been high last week and now have gone down which just adds to my confusion.

I guess I'll just continue to temp and see if I get a thermal shift around the estimated time. What do you ladies think?