Guys I am so frustrated right now, and normally I would just put this on the EI thread that's going on, but I dont know who all reads that and I want this out in the world.
All the time, all over this thread I see you ladies exclaimed how amazing and fantastic EI services are. Well in Texas...not so much(more so my specific county).

Background: DS was evaluated by EI at 16 months old for some delayed fine motor functions. He didn't qualify for anything because he wasn't behind enough. However I was informed that should we. We'd services it would be $625 a month. She heavily reccomended is going thenprivate route, if he did qualify.
I thought that was weird, but now I understand why she did it. Fast forward now 6 months later. I'm sure that DS is Autistc and I've been doing my research and preparing, so I called EI to set up another evaluation. This time I asked her to break down the reason behind the price. According to her in the state of Texas the cost of services are income based and either paid in full by the state, split 50/50 with the state, or the parents are responsible for the full cost of services. The price is broken down as $125 per therapy visit, with a cap of $625 or 5 therapy sessions. To me that sucks, but I can live with that it's for my child.

So we started discussing the different therapys and how many times a week he would have them, and she stoped me right there and informed me it would be no more than 3 times a month because they just don't have the resources or staff for more than that, and technically they don't even have a speech therapist that services my area, so I'd have to drive to thier location for his speech. WTF Texas? My child is almost 2 and non verbal, he's going to need more than 1 speech session a month. I am so disappointed right, I do t even know how to feel?! She informed me that EI services In Texas are used as a tool to teach parents how to take care of thier children. Like she legit said that. I know this sounds like I'm ragging on her, but she was very understanding and empathetic. She remembered DS from the first time. I know she's just stuck with what Texas gives her. We even had a lengthy discussion about how 8 years ago it was different and totally state funded. She's worked for EI for 29 years. So pretty much for children in Texas with special needs, you better have great insurance, because your going the private route.

I did call one of the local private practices around here and it's $200 for the eval and $90 a 60minute session. The assistant informed me 99 percent of patients go twice a week. Those numbers aren't anywhere near what I expected, so yea for small victories. If you e read this far, bless you and thank you all for letting me rant! This whole experience has definitely been eye opening for me.