With great sadness, we are saying goodbye to enforced "quiet time" for my just turned 4 year old. Until very recently, she had nap or quiet time in her room for 1-1.5 hours while her little sister napped. Mostly she wouldn't nap but would play quietly with a few toys we keep just fornthe that. But the power struggles about staying in her room have escalated and bedtime and nighttime sleep have gotten pretty terrible, so I ended it this week.

So- in particular if you have a younger child who still naps, what do you do with your child who does still need some downtime in the afternoon? I've let her play with some quiet toys that I don't want around the baby (a new little Lego set she just got, and I'm thinking I'll take out the new kinetic sand she just got for her birthday). But I need some break in the day too to do things like pick up, make dinner, rest... TV or her kindle of course will occupy her but I don't really want to add another hour above what she already watches. Curious what others do.

ETA: I stay at home with them, and when school starts up in the fall it will be 4 mornings a week. I'm assuming she will need that down time even more after schoolbut she has a hard time unwinding herself.