DS started smiling at 6 weeks and it was pretty easy to get him to smile at me and my husband. At 8 weeks he discovered the ceiling fan after his 8 week developmental leap and would smile at it a lot. He would also smile at lots of other colorful interesting objects around the house. Lately I feel like it has become harder and harder to get DS to smile at me. He will smile at the ceiling fan and at the lights, and the colorful art on the walls, but when I try to get him to smile at me it is SO much harder, I think he is going through a 12 week developmental leap right now and he seems laser focused on grabbing objects. He just turned 3 months on the 4th. I'm starting to get a little freaked out, and I don't have very much experience with other babies, but all the books say that your baby should smile back at you when you smile at them and I haven't been able to get DS to do it consistently. His eye contact is also not very good. He turns away from me a lot of the time, but he will follow me around the room if he is on the ground and I am walking around. Help? Any have any insight?