I go back to work part time this week and DH is staying home with the baby a couple of days each week so we're able to keep him out of daycare until he's 4 months old. I'm excited that this plan is going to keep LO out of daycare longer but I'm nervous for DH and I think he's nervous too because the baby has been team mommy since birth (I breastfeed and have handled probably 90% of baby care while DH has wrangled our toddler).

Any tips for DH on soothing a baby that won't take a pacifier? (LO1 took a pacifier until 6 months so this was less of a problem).

I know DH swaddles, shushes, rocks, etc but the baby still ends up screaming most of the time DH tries to put him down for naps. Perhaps after a day or so the baby will just get used to the new norm when DH is home and not give him such a hard time?