For the ladies who are watching what you eat on both weight loss and overall health.... what kind of milk do you use in your beverages, as in, if you go to Starbucks, or make your own coffee, what kind of milk do you add into your drink?

I heard so many bad things about soy, almond, and cow's milk, so I am so confused. I usually ask for soy milk when I order from Starbucks, but recently I heard that soy is actually not good for you because it has a certain levels of estrogen that messes up your hormones...etc., making it difficult to shed the belly fat and such (In fact, I did eliminate soy when I was pregnant and breastfeeding). I have never tried almond milk, and I don't think Starbucks offer almond milk (is that right?), but then I also read another article that said store bought almond milk are basically a bunch of empty sugar, water, and junk fillers and contains very very little almond content. Then, I can not count how many controversial debates I have read about cow's milk, and how 0% fat they basically have to fill up the fat and replace it with a bunch of junk and sugar to make it taste good.

So what side do you take on this issue? Just curious! Is there any other alternative or is milk just bad all across the board..? If you don't drink milk at all, how do you take your tea/coffee?