I feel like my daughter is a little slower at all milestones so far, which is totally fine and I know there's a huge range to "normal"! For example she didn't crawl until 10 months, walking was at 15 months, at 1 year she only had her 2 bottom teeth, etc.

How should speech be right around 21 months though? I just read an article saying that at 21 months kids generally learn 1 new word a day! That astounded me, I know that's not the case right now in our house. We encourage vocabulary, we read to her all the time, that's probably her favorite activity honestly. She's great at making all the different animal noises, and recognizes pictures in books when asked "Where is the airplane" or "point to the glass of milk"

She just really doesn't repeat anything when we ask her to say a word. She almost shy's away from it, that she doesn't want to. I don't want to push her or any of her milestones, but I just don't want her speech to be delayed. The ped didn't seem concerned at all at her 18 month check up, but we don't see him until 2 now.

She has all the general words, mama, dada, she can say our dogs names, she obsessed with the moon (but calls is ham, haha) etc

Does this sound "normal"?