My son is almost 3 and still is struggling with languge and speech. It's hard cause his speech teacher gives us suggestions to help him. However my son seems to do things when he wants to do them. It's hard to get him to say words or getting him to mimic sounds when some times he won't look at me when I call his name. He shows a lot of signs having autism. We are waiting to get him tested for autism but our state in the US takes forever to get kids seen. Ive been waiting for months and months. I feel defeated and like we are wasting precious time. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions or recommendations?. I'm lost here. His following direction skills are not good at all and he is really into routine. We struggle with communication. Every speech lesson I leave feeling I'm failing my son and it breaks my heart. I'm talking to his doctor about getting another referral to a different testing place at his next appointment which is in a month or less.