Don’t even know why I am bothering to post this, because I just need to wait till my appt tomorrow. But sometimes personal stories can help or just general support. Anyone experience spotting early in 2nd trimester? This will be a little tmi details so bear with me.

For me it started on Thursday with just a little brown tinge to my normal discharge. Nothing that would go on a panty liner, just on the tissue each time after using the bathroom. Possibly some very light cramping once in a while. Once or twice it was slightly more reddish. Then last night it got a little more and was definitely more reddish with occasional small clots. Maybe like when you first start or the last day of your period? But again nothing on my underwear. I emailed my doctor. During the night once when I peed the toilet looked pinkish red with some clots and same this morning. And on and off mild period like cramps. I called the advice line and they scheduled me an appt for tomorrow. I am so scared!