So about a month ago, my 3 year old threw up in the car after complaining about a stomachache. She hadn’t eaten much that morning (maybe some yogurt and fruit) and hadn’t pooped in a day or so, so I had assumed she was a little backed up and the discomfort caused her to throw up. She was completely fine after getting over her initial panic of throwing up and had no other symptoms pop up, so I didn’t give it much thought. Then, a couple days ago, it happened again after dinner. She mentioned her stomach hurt (it came on very suddenly as she had been eating normally moments prior) so I took her to the potty but she threw up instead. Again, after she got cleaned up and got over her initial nerves, she was fine.

I’ve left a message with the pediatrician to see if I should just continue to monitor or bring her in, but just curious if anyone has had this happen and what the outcome was? It doesn’t seem to be good related since nothing similar was consumed and she hadn’t eaten too quickly or been running around when it happened. Just a mention of a stomachache and then suddenly vomited.