So we are a ways out from needing to buy something, but we have #2 arriving at Christmas. LO #1 will be about 33 months when baby bro gets here. I'll need a double(? I think?). We live in a very urban area; I walk a ton with our stroller currently. Miles and miles. We get snow here also.
The kickers: I have to bump up 5 steps to get to our vestibule and only have a narrow hallway to store a stroller in (I guess I could fold it though).
So basically I'm looking at two options:
A single with a rider board (our current Thule jogger won't take a board)
A really narrow double. Probably side by side??

BUT I will need large rear tires in order to bump up the stairs. This thing can't weigh 30+ lbs or I'll die. I'll have to walk LO plus new baby to prek 2x a week pretty much right after he's born in January. In snow. I realize I can wear him initially, and probably will do this for a few months.