My friend is having her 2nd this June and is having a surprise sprinkle in a few weeks. Since it's a surprise, she doesn't have a registry or anything. She's having a 2nd girl too and doesn't need a lot of clothes. She'll be on maternity leave through the end of Sep and is planning on spending an entire month at the beach with her mom and her newborn. I was thinking a summer-themed gift would be appropriate since her first was born in November and didn't spend early days out in the sun. I also remember my 2nd was out a lot more than my first because we were taking him along everywhere LO1 went.

So far my two ideas are a UV shade that you can put anywhere, or a UV shade for an infant carrier. I can't decide which one is more practical. The first seems great for the beach, but the latter seems better for park trips. I'm also open to other suggestions. What's good gear for a summer baby?

Some links to show what I'm talking about:
UV tent -
UV carrier shade -