I realize this is sort of random, but this dilemma has been plaguing me all day!

Tonight I'm going to someone's house for a "Girl's Night/Thirty One Party" (you know, like a Pampered Chef party but with those bags?) Anywho, I would consider the hostess a friend, but not a close friend. More like, we share a few close friends. I haven't ever been to her house and there are a lot of people invited that I don't know.

I'm planning on wearing a cute new top, skinny jeans and boots. However, I hate wearing skinny jeans sans boots because I feel like my calves are wide and they need to be hidden in boots! I'm worried that when I get there, everyone's going to be taking off their shoes and I'm going to have to walk around self-conscious of my wide calves. When you have a party, do you ask people to take off their shoes? We never do, but we don't have much carpeting and we are just laid-back about our house in general. So I guess I don't know what to do!

So, if you were in this situation, would you:
a) wear the skinny jeans and boots and risk being asked to take off the boots and having to wander around shoeless? OR
b) wear a different pair of jeans that aren't as cute but won't look silly if you take off your shoes?

(And if you think I'm crazy and should stop worrying about things like this, you win! But I'm thinking about it anyway...)