I have a good friend who just does not want to hear about pregnancy related things. About 8 out of 10 times when I say something related to the baby, planning, pregnancy, my concerns, or the like, she just ignores it or makes non-committal response noises. She is very much child-free by choice and has no interest in babies, and so I try not to bring it up too often around her.

Problem is, she is one of my closest friends, and I could really use her support and/or empathy with some things, because I really don't have a lot of people to talk to about these things other than DH. My mom is pretty absent, my sisters are too young too really want to hear about it (I get a lot of 'eews,' even for normal stuff lol!), and so really, I only have a few girlfriends to turn to.

So, if you had a close friend who just was not into hearing about your pregnancy, how did you deal? Did you just accept that it's the way she is and she just won't be the most supportive, there for you friend during it, or what? Like I said, I do try to tone it down around her because I know she isn't pro-baby, but should I ratchet it down even more?

Le sigh. I need to find friends in my stage of life, but it's hard